Who we are
B'nai B'rith lodge "Gavro Schwartz" Zagreb, Croatia
Stranice privremeno uređuje Darko Fischer.
Stranice su u izradi. Molimo korisnike za razumijevanje.
Svoje primjedbe možete poslati na dfischer1938@gmail.com

B'nai B'rit (BB) is a Jewish humanitarian NGO primarily concerned with Jewish wellfare in the world. The organization takes care of human rights of other nations too. B'nai B'rith international (BBI) has its seat in Washigton. The branches of it are known as lodges. They can be found all around the world.

Lodge "Gavro Schwartz" in Zagreb is such a branch of BBI. It is also a part of regiona BB Europe (BBE) which is seated in Bruxelles.

The lodge in Zagreb was first founded in 1926. It stoped to be active in 1929. The new lodge was established in 1996 thanks to the activity of dr. Dragan Stern who became its president and stayed in this position until his death. The lodge got its name from a remakable Zagreb rabbi Gavro Schwartz.

At present the leadership of the lodge consists of: Darko Fischer president, Miljenko Bernfest vicepresident and Mira Altarac secretary.
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